A short overview about the history and aims of the “Kulturhof”
in Lübbenau for our friends around the world and elsewhere

The "Kulturhof" society was founded in the autumn of the year 1994 by painter Simone Brüggemann - Riemer and some others. Her idea was to create a platform for independent art in the Spreeforestarea. With the involvement of many helpers arose in the old part of Lübbenau a meeting place for young and old people. Many events have given the "Kulturhof" a good name of a real cultural centre; which unites music, literature, painting, calligraphy and theatre.

Due to some problems with the neighbourhood, the building was closed in the winter of 2000. Only one year later the "Kulturhof" society was opened in the new house on the 17th of January 2001. The building, the old cafeteria for the workers of the train station of Lübbenau was redesigned in open and friendly colours. The new house offers many new possibilities for the society, but we will not forget our roots.

Over the years many artists have entered the stage of the club and performed great shows. Musicians and other artists from different countries have played in the club for our guests. Our aim is to help young and unknown artists, but we love to present reputable artists too.

And we are proud that our new house is on the same street where the unforgettable Nico from "The Velvet Underground" lived as a child and grew up.

With the support of the members of the society, our friends and our guests, we hopefully expect a future with good artists, good shows and a good community of friends for rockin times.

When you want to know more about the society, our work and other things, please write to the teammembers which you found at the page “the team”.

At the end some good words by the great english designer and writer William Morris which reflects our aims very well.         

You can not educate, you can not civilise men, unless you give him a share in art.